Monday, 22 May 2017

A Return of Things

It's been a while since I frequented these dusty halls 

*blows dust and cobwebs off the front page*

Many things have changed since I last wrote here, both in and out of game. Firstly, I now have a job, so my time is a lot less than it was when I started this thing.

However, to look forward, we must cover what happened in the past.

Warlords of Draenor

WoD as released on November 13th 2014. As I wrote at the time, the launch was not the smoothest with long log in queues and high latency for many, including bottle necking while levelling with the start of the garrison - a new feature added by Blizz that everyone had to partake in to be able to continue with the storyline.

Through WoD, I managed to meet my goal of getting at least one of every class to level 100. This did end up meaning a few multiples of certain classes (e.g. hunters and paladins), as well as a few others dotted around. By the end of WoD I had 19 level 100 characters spanning both factions, and even two different regions as I had been playing on the US as well.

One unexpected benefit from the garrisons, and one that was better the more alts you had, was the gold quests from both the garrison table and the shipyard. This made WoD the most profitable expansion for a lot of players, and made Blizzard make sure to remove the gold quests from the garrisons once Legion was almost ready to go live so that players wouldn't return to do this old content.

My guild underwent a rebrand as well during WoD, changing from The Drafia to Seren. This ended a period of uncertainty for us and we are still going strong today as our progress on the left hand side shows. For those wondering about the new name - it is Welsh for Star, hence the logo.

My New Love

Fast forward two years to 2016. We are in the longest content drought since WoW began with many people fed up of Hellfire Citadel. The previous Blizzcon a new IP for Blizzard had been announced - a FPS game called Overwatch, a completely new direction for Blizzard. I was lucky enough to get into the beta, and absolutely fell in love with all of the new heroes. The first cinematic that was released mesmerised me, and even my nephew fell in love with it and I had many requests to play him "the video with the monkey who gets his glasses broken"

This and the subsequent hundreds of hours I have played in the game have led to my love affair with being a support main. I am a proud Mercy main, and I will not be shamed because of it, Mercy is love, Mercy is life.

Falling in love with Overwatch led me to a fantastic community of like minded geeks and gamerfolk who have made the past year of my life amazing in so many ways, and the amount of creativity that Overwatch has brought out in people never ceases to amaze me, from new art pieces, cosplay to OW inspired musical pieces.


The new expansion for WoW released February 8th 2017 - many players returned excited to see the promised return of the Legion and hopeful for a return to the most exciting times of the game. Sub numbers were indeed boosted quite high with the release of legion, with many people seeking to complete the new artifact weapon quest lines and power their weapons up as they levelled to the new maximum of 110. 

There have been many things I have loved about Legion so far, along with a number of things that I have not loved so much - but i shall leave those for another post!

The Future

My gaming habits may be evolving, and I have branched out into games other than WoW and Diablo . However, Azeroth is still my home, I just like to occasionally vacation in other areas.

The blog is going to focus on my changing relationship with the games and what they mean to me as I continue to share just why these games are so special and invite you all to enjoy them with me!

The two important gaming ladies in my life

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