Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Waiting Game

Howdy folks, long time no blog!

As most of you know I stopped writing quite a while ago as I was getting bored with no new content and running out of things to blog about.

With the ever increasing amount of information available about the Beta, my excitement for the game is slowly growing (even though I still try not to read too much about it).

However one of my friends now has Beta access so I'm going to be finding out more about the hunter changes than I would have on my own so I figured its time to brush off the blog!

Since the last time I played I have levelled a Holy Paladin to 90 via PvP (and discovered that healing BGs isn't as bad as I once thought!) I had a lot of fun levelling her and even started to gear her up before I got distracted - that is something I intend to go back to at some point.

I have also bought the Digital Deluxe edition of Warlords of Draenor for my main account! I recently also started a new job (yay!) so my time online and generally looking for stuff to do is lessened :)

I used my free char boost on a Dwarf Warlock I still had back on Steamwheedle Cartel so I have been busy taking her around the Timeless Isle getting her some gear. I also server and faction changed one of my hunters so she is now a Dwarf on Silvermoon - she is busily gearing up as I intend to have a horde and alliance main next expansion. I also bought myself a level 90 Night elf Shadow Priest on Draenor to mix thing sup a little!

Thus I have plenty to keep me busy over the next few months, as well as many achievements and loose ends I intend to tie up.

I finally reached exalted with Darkmoon Faire on my druid, and am working on some of the other reputations that I need to hit my 50 reputations achievement. I'm also 20 mounts away from my 200 mount achievement so will be looking to try and complete both of those at some point between now and the start of WoD.

The Drafia is kind of hibernating until WoD with many of the usual people taking breaks as the lack of content is just too much to take but I am keeping things going as best I can, and there are still some people logging on regularly.

If any of my readers have guilds on Silvermoon looking for a ranged DPS or Flex/Normal SoO drop me a message as I'm looking to get my Dwarf into the action and geared as much as my main hunter!

Other than that, I shall try to get back into the rhythm of posting more regularly, as well as throwing up Beta info as my friend finds it!

Ciao for now! 

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