Thursday, 3 April 2014

Starting Over - But Not Really

As I try and rehabilitate myself back into playing WoW, (for those of you that don't know I have a broken wrist and it is in plaster, making it awkward to play atm), I have finally been levelling some characters on my US account.

I have also been experimenting  with how to actually make some gold for these characters as they are starting from scratch.

Mostly I have been doing this on Kil'jaeden as I have managed to get my hunter invited to the Sub Only guild created by Towelliee (for those of you not aware of who he is, he is a streamer - you can find his channel here).

So my "main" character is called Aurorasofia and she is, yes, a hunter!

She has been experimenting with herbalism and the Auction House. So far she is level 19 and has 159g (roughly, still waiting on some sales).

She also seems to be operating a small stable in her back pack.

(Screenshot is old - she has received about another 15 mounts since then!)

My secondary character is a Rogue called Sofe that I  have purposefully levelled to 15 so that she is able to pickpocket.

She shall now be spending her days pick pocketing the level 90 Kor'kron mobs in the Barrens, and mining and herbing in between.

One pass through of the Kor'kron by the meat part has netted me 26g and some tidy gold in sellable junk:

And yes, she appears to be opening a stable as well!

Not sure how long I shall keep this up, but it's been kind of nice starting over completely, but still having all the knowledge I have gained since playing my main accounts.:)

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  1. Thank you for that great idea! I'm going to send my Rogue there to make some money!