Saturday, 8 March 2014

This Week I Have Mostly Been Playing...


Along with many others I suspect ^^

The new patch is out with Loot 2.0 (which is fantastic btw) and everyone has 50% xp buff up until the release of Reaper of Souls.

I love Diablo, I'd never played it before I got my free copy of Diablo3 with the annual Pass prior to Mists of Pandaria coming out, but even at first with all the issues the game had I fell in love with it.

I even got as far as Act 2 on Inferno on my Demon Hunter before giving up because I was fed up of dying to the leaping things in the desert.

I managed to complete the game on Inferno eventually many months ago when more changes were made and left the game again until recently.

The paragon level system adds a new level of gameplay and it's fun deciding where I want to put all the Paragon points on my various characters (after all, I am still an altoholic!)

These are my ladies as they stand currently:

The Barbarian and Witch doctor are still very low as I'd not really tried them much before, but I'm really enjoying the spell and skill changes and will no doubt work on getting them to 60 eventually!

I shall also be buying the expansion (but likely shortly after it goes live due to fundage!)

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