Monday, 24 March 2014

The Week I Stopped Playing WoW

Don't Panic! It's not forever, and I haven't even cancelled my sub.My Guildies also know if they need me they can add my battletag which is in my guild note and I shall log on :)

For the past week or so I have only been playing Diablo 3. This has mostly been to try and get my characters ready for Reaper of Souls and to get my Witch Doctor and Barbarian to 60 (mission accomplished!)

Initially when I started the project I was lamenting the fact that I would not be able to buy Reaper of Souls until after it's release date due to funding issues, but a very kind friend has since bought it for me so all things going well (and as long as the game code arrives today!) I should be able to play it at the same time as everyone else.

Now I've noticed that I don't take as many screenshots on Diablo as I do in WoW, despite some of the graphics being equally stunning - but in a different way.

My current favourite character is no longer my Demon Hunter! (Shock! Horror!) I have been immensely enjoying my Wizard so she may be the first one to try Act V (If I ever finish replaying the quests after I had reset them >.>) I am also looking forward to making a Crusader!

I've not really bothered saving much gear for a Crusader as with the new loot system I've found that my characters have geared up fairly well on their own as they level - however I have saved a couple of Flails, just because they happened to drop!

This is how my ladies look atm:

Even though I have levelled the Witch Doctor and Barbarian to 60, I'm still not overly fond of playing them, the Witch Doctor especially, so they may just sit there and do nothing, not sure yet.

If any of you are thinking of coming back and checking out Diablo and Reaper of Souls I would heartily recommend it as the new loot system is awesome and the gameplay is so much more fun with the new difficulty levels - levelling a new character in Torment 1 at low levels if you have a character at level 60 already is awesome!

I shall be coming back to WoW eventually (and will likely still be logging in for raids) but for now I shall just be playing Diablo! :)

In other news, my very good friend and guidlie Arideen has finally joined both Twitter and the Blogosphere! He has decided to keep from being bored in the coming months he is levelling a characters from scratch on a new server with no heirlooms to try and recapture the initial joys of levelling. He is going to write about it in his blog and chronicle his journey.

You can find him on Twitter under the name @LunaManifestum and you can find his blog over at Arideen's Hunt go give him a follow!

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