Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Can You Hear the Cries of Horror?

As most of you are no doubt well aware by now, this happened yesterday:

Most peoples' instant reaction was a kindo f shock and horror at that "release date" (hence the blog title ^^). The reason I'm putting this in quotation marks is that it was confirmed by @WatcherDev on Twitter that its basically a placeholder, but we're still looking at a "Fall 2014" release which would be September onwards.

So yes, it looks like we may be facing at least another six months of Siege of Orgrimmar - enough time for all those fresh level 90s to start and finish the legendary questline! Also, I may actually finish it on my Shaman and get my second cloak (maybe...if I can face more LFR which will soon be full of fresh 90s...).

Also the ability to purchase a stand alone level 90 is available in the Shop:

While I want to go ahead and buy the pre-order now to get my 90 boost, Its just outside of my budget currently (especially as I want the Digital Deluxe, which is £10 dearer than what we paid  for the DD of MoP!) so shall have to wait a few weeks to afford that. This week's money shall be going on the pre-order of Reaper of Souls!

In guild news, we had a bit of a blip this past week as two of my Officers left the guild to seek out higher progression raiding elsewhere (one of which was technically our raid leader). On the part of one of these it came as no surprise as he had been talking to me about it for a few days while he tried to make his decision as he liked being in the guild, so I advised to do whichever makes him happiest as at the end of the day, it is a game and he should be doing the things that he enjoys most. The other person leaving did come as a surprise as they didn't have the decency to forewarn me. However, I wish them both the best in their new guild.

Luckily, our raid team is still going with the help of our lovely tank Raidhoof who has recruited in a couple of his old guildies and taken over raid leading, so hopefully good times are ahead!

Now outside of WoW I occasionally watch a few streamers, but I mostly watch Towelliee. During the week I managed to get into a World Boss run with him (woo mini claim to fame xD) and it was much fun ^^

And yes I was sad enough to take a few screenshots :D (He is the Undead Monk to the right of the Tauren on a raptor, an yes I even screenshotted my friends list xD)

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