Friday, 14 February 2014

Blending In Nicely

Still playing my lowbie Deathknight (who's levelling has been severely hampered by Pokémon - am one pokémon away from completing the Central Kalos Pokedex!)

She has however reached a respectable level 68, and I'm going to wait until she hit's 70 before sending her packing to the cold north. Her current levelling path has her questing in Blade's Edge (and whoever thought that two quests to kill two different sets of 30 ogres was a good idea, oh my gosh :-p) and its a place that makes it hit home how large and (for the most part) empty a lot of these areas are now.

Here is my Deathknight looking small and insignificant on her Iron Skyreaver (a mount that is fairly large!) against the backdrop of one of the Blade's Edge canyons.

I've purposefully stayed away from a lot of the information about the new zones and thigns we may see (granted there isn't a LOT of information, but I always do this as I prefer to have a very vague knowledge and be pleasantly surprised when its released). However flying around today, I can't wait to see what a lot of these areas used to look like, when we head forth into Warlords of Draenor. I know the zones aren't going to exactly match what we see in Outland today, but part of me from a purely historical point of view wants to be able to match up what used to go where and try and figure out what made it how it looks today.

Other than that, Happy Commercial Love Day :)

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