Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bear-ly Made It!

I have finally managed to finish this dungeon (after many years and giving up back when it was a raid - at least I remember Zul'Aman being a raid!)

One of my guildies ran through it last night and got his bear mount, and I realised that it was an easy mount I hadn't yet managed to get.

Now as I have the sense of direction of a new born kitten (I get lost in game stupidly easily, even after all this time!), I persuaded my friend to come with and run it again on an alt so I could make it through in the required time and get me a snazzy bear mount!

Much running around and killing of things later I had my bear! And then discovered there were still more bosses to kill (cos who knew!? xD)

So for a short amount of my time I got a few new achievements and a lovely new mount!

Other than that, I've started yet another new alt (a monk this time, I intend to get her to 15 then level exclusively in dungeons while heling - a levelling route I've never actually taken before so should be interesting!)

The guild 10 man team finally managed to kill Garrosh so much rejoicing was had! I didn't manage to make it to that run, but I'm glad the guys finally got him down - now on to heroics!

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