Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Information Overload (If You Let It Anyway)

Reading The Godmother's recent blog has inspired me to actually write another one of my own!

As she reminds us, we have recently been informed that there is basically a metric ton of information about Warlords of Draenor that the Dev team have ready that hasn't been shared with us.

This mountain of information shall soon be coming our way and as she points out, there are many different ways that people try to deal with all this.

I shall no doubt do what I always do when there are large patches/expansions upcoming - which is largely nothing!

Go away WoD Info, I know you are there but I choose not to see you!

Like the rest of the fan base, I know there is a lot of information out there, and I even skim read some of it, but largely, I tend not to actually read up on everything.

I don't mind big things being out there, and I will inevitably read some massive spoilers (either from clicking MMO-Champion or such like, or from Twitter) which I have no issue with.

However I don't tend to actively go and seek all the information I can possibly find on a new patch or expansion. This inevitably means that I log in on patch day and have no idea what has changed and just joyfully bask in the excitement of my guildies as we all tell each other what we've found out.

I will admit, I do tend to skim read over and look for anything that might be changing for hunters, considering that is my main class I play, and I sometimes read up on some of the changes that might affect my other alts (but not always!)

Mostly, I rely on the interpretation of said notes and information from the blogs that I read and use that as my basis for understanding what is coming rather than the official Blizzard released information (which usually leaves me with some varied feelings on the different aspects of changes incoming ^^).

I did read about the upcoming changes to heroic dungeons in Warlords of Draenor and the fact that they will need a Silver in Proving Grounds to be able to PuG them, which did worry me as it was something I hadn't attempted (having only just gotten Bronze when I initially did it). I do a fair amount of my dungeons as PuGs, despite being in a guild. (Yes I could ask guildies, but half the time I feel that I would slow guildies down so would be better off with randoms - yes I know that's a silly point of view :p).

So I logged in and after updating the guildies that were online of the upcoming change sent my hunter off to do Proving Grounds until she got Silver, and proceeded to one shot it. It seems having a large amount of gear since last trying helped the situation somewhat!

I intend to try and get the rest of my 90s through Proving Grounds at some point, but no idea when as yet.

In other News, I have been attempting to get the green fire scenario done on my Warlock (to much frustration). I have managed to make my way through to the last boss, but can't quite manage to kill him. Have also been attempting to learn how to play Destro which possibly wasn't the best time or place to do that!

However one of my guildies has written a lovely guide on our forums and I aim to have finished this before WoD comes out (either that or wait till I'm 100 and zerg the sodding thing xD)

So to round off, I may only read some of my usual blogs in the upcoming months in an effort not to read too much about the upcoming changes, but I still love you all :p

(That being said, gief all the information about Garrison!)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Drafia Needs a New Logo!

As the title says, I'm looking for a new design for our guild logo!

Any ideas or designs would be awesome as we need updating I think :)

Our current logo/header is:

which is very nice, but I feel we need a change.

Current one is roughly 710 x 260.

We would also be interested in one that is roughly 1436 x 104

Only stipulation is that it says The Drafia, Draenor EU, and that it has the Mafia guy on it somewhere (preferably - i'm open to other options!)

So go ahead, show us your skills!

Bear-ly Made It!

I have finally managed to finish this dungeon (after many years and giving up back when it was a raid - at least I remember Zul'Aman being a raid!)

One of my guildies ran through it last night and got his bear mount, and I realised that it was an easy mount I hadn't yet managed to get.

Now as I have the sense of direction of a new born kitten (I get lost in game stupidly easily, even after all this time!), I persuaded my friend to come with and run it again on an alt so I could make it through in the required time and get me a snazzy bear mount!

Much running around and killing of things later I had my bear! And then discovered there were still more bosses to kill (cos who knew!? xD)

So for a short amount of my time I got a few new achievements and a lovely new mount!

Other than that, I've started yet another new alt (a monk this time, I intend to get her to 15 then level exclusively in dungeons while heling - a levelling route I've never actually taken before so should be interesting!)

The guild 10 man team finally managed to kill Garrosh so much rejoicing was had! I didn't manage to make it to that run, but I'm glad the guys finally got him down - now on to heroics!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Blending In Nicely

Still playing my lowbie Deathknight (who's levelling has been severely hampered by Pokémon - am one pokémon away from completing the Central Kalos Pokedex!)

She has however reached a respectable level 68, and I'm going to wait until she hit's 70 before sending her packing to the cold north. Her current levelling path has her questing in Blade's Edge (and whoever thought that two quests to kill two different sets of 30 ogres was a good idea, oh my gosh :-p) and its a place that makes it hit home how large and (for the most part) empty a lot of these areas are now.

Here is my Deathknight looking small and insignificant on her Iron Skyreaver (a mount that is fairly large!) against the backdrop of one of the Blade's Edge canyons.

I've purposefully stayed away from a lot of the information about the new zones and thigns we may see (granted there isn't a LOT of information, but I always do this as I prefer to have a very vague knowledge and be pleasantly surprised when its released). However flying around today, I can't wait to see what a lot of these areas used to look like, when we head forth into Warlords of Draenor. I know the zones aren't going to exactly match what we see in Outland today, but part of me from a purely historical point of view wants to be able to match up what used to go where and try and figure out what made it how it looks today.

Other than that, Happy Commercial Love Day :)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

In the Words of Granny Weatherwax....


I'm still faffing about levelling alts (current project an Undead Frost Death Knight).

However I've also discovered the joys of Pokémon on the Nintendo 3DS.

I've never played any of the Pokémon games before so this rather quick addiction has taken me by surprise. I'm currently working on finishing my Pokédex on Pokémon Y, while playing Pokémon X to find some of the 'mons that are exclusive to that game so I can transfer them over using Pokébank.

In general WoW news - how good does that Garrison art look!? From the mumblings and hints that we'd heard (seen), and the art of the new character models, I suspected that we were going to be getting some visually stunning designs. Mists of Pandaria has been a very pretty expansion and I've loved just looking at the scenery on my travels, even stopping to take screenshots randomly on occasion.

In fact I may spend the rest of this expansion going around and capturing the beauty of Mists before we embark on the next adventure.

Well, in between catching Pokémon anyway!