Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Riding Without Stabilisers!

So - this happened about an hour ago:

(This happened after a fairly long talk in Vent, not just out of the blue so not as much panic as you would assume!)

Our GM had been raiding elsewhere on an alt and when not raiding offline doing RL things, so felt it wasn't fair for him to keep the guild lead when he's not around if anything does go wrong.

As the most active officer, I've been pretty much minding shop for a while anyway (and had previously been in a similar situation with The Wanderers) so didn't mind taking over the leadership.

So I've had my practice run (rad: with stabilisers) and now its time to really run the guild and make sure it works (read: riding without stabilisers!).

A fairly frightening prospect even if essentially nothing has changed but my guild rank!

Now I need to make sure I'm fully switched on and operating for the good of my guild and my guidlies as opposed to just faffing along with it all.

Whilst I am aware that 2014 is The Year of Faff, I feel that I need to be at least partially aware of things that I could ignore or let slide before, like recruitment drives, guild making efforts etc etc.

First point of business - reducing the amount of guild repairs that everyone (even non-raiders) have as they are very high and guild bank reserves are very low!

We shall see how things go from here ^^

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