Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year Resolutions are Hard!

So yeah, I may have slightly forgotten about the blog posting!

In my defence I'm a bit ill at the moment so haven't been at the computer much :)

In other news, my RaF characters are still levelling, along with a pair of monks for fast XP! I now have a level 51 Druid levelled purely by granted levels so far, not sure how high she will end up going ^^

Yes, still in starter gear! :D

As we can no longer see our RaF links on the website, I'm not entirely sure when my account link runs out so am racing against time to level my alts as fast as I can ^^

Other than that, have levelled Inscription on my Warlock to give her something useful to do, and am just generally faffing about atm :)

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