Friday, 10 January 2014

It Ain't Broken Yet!

So, all seems to be going well, People haven't upped an left in disgust and I haven't broken the guild system yet!

I even managed to cobble together a full group for Flexi last night with some different tanks and some friends of a guild member to make up numbers. We didn't get as far as usual, but it's a start!

Some Mid Raid activities that happened during break!

As well as our ex-GM not being around now, we need to get used to standing on our own two feet and doing Flex without him hand holding us through it. So I need to work on actually being "in charge" rather than sitting back and minding shop.

Other than that, things are going smoothly.

I've made a few minor tweaks so far, like changing the colours on the guild crest slightly so you can actually see them, and organising the guild ranks. Also promoted a few of the more regular trustworthy people to Officer rank, and fiddled about with the guild website ^^

Next on the agenda (and actually already ongoing!) is a big recruitment drive and fundraising for the guild bank so that people get to keep their guild repairs! (If any lovely people have some good suggestions of how I do this (or how I set up bloody TSM) then I'm all ears!)

I still haven't decided if this is a scary or awesome thing that has happened yet as I've always been happy to be a follower, but we shall see :)

In other news, I attempted tanking Vale of Eternal Sorrows LFR on my paladin yesterday - and came to the conclusion that she is not "quite" ready for that, so I shall be inflicting her upon a ToT LFR soon (if I can find one!).

I also want to link to this fantastic thing that has been happening on the General WoW forums -

A heroic raider has set up a group for Flex raiding on Saturday, primarily for people who have been unable to get a group before due to not meeting the (often ridiculous) ilvl requirements being asked on peoples' servers.

The group does appear to be full at the moment, but it is a fantastic idea and looks to be being taken up by others as well so good on you WoW Community! I knew you were still alive!


  1. I'm glad things are going smoothly for you! With my guild we don't have repairs turned on currently as we decided to build up a decent amount of gold first - I think were on 15k so far & are aiming for 20k. It's surprising how much gold you can make from simply running scenarios & dungeons in groups. Or if you have enough people raids & world bosses. We all pitch in so if one person suggests a scenario (for example) we will run it as a 3 99% of the time.

    1. Yeah I haven't had to do that yet thankfully, but over the course of the expansion it has gone from around the 300k mark to 30k when I took over lol, its creeping back up slowly :) Next step is to talk people in to running scenarios and dungeons together ^^ not many people bother atm lol