Thursday, 16 January 2014

Iron Skyreaver is a Go!

So yeah...I bought it (shhh its okay, we won't look at what's left of my bank balance!)

Apart from being a pretty funky looking mount, it also runs rather weirdly, and when you fly it seems to alternate between normal flying and Sky Golem style flying. (If you wonder what I mean by this, here' s a video: Sky Golem in Flight, complete with barrel roll).

Also when in flight the two side cannon-esque things shoot fire which is pretty awesome!

As you can see in the pictures, I've finally moved my lonesome druid over to Draenor from SWC - this means she can finally get some nice gear and not be left out in the cold in Normal MSV level gear. (I can also stop feeling guilty at abandoning her for my hunter and all my other characters - huzzah!) While it is nice to have her over here, I still feel decidedly odd at her being a Tauren. Its at times like this that I wish Blood Elves could be druids as she is most definitely still an elf at heart! I could have made her a troll druid but I already have one of these, and definitely wanted the bird flight form again. I guess I shall just have to get used to her until druids can be other horde races!

My druid was my main through all of Cataclysm and the second part of WotLK, so for me to leave her behind and ignore her was a massive thing for me. She was my first level 90, yet she has missed experiencing all the fun new stuff in each patch after MSV. 

To make it up to her, she has a nice new server to use her Tailoring on, and I have started gearing her up with some shiny new gear. She hasn't quite made it into Siege of Orgrimmar yet, but with the Throne of Thunder LFR thigns she has picked up, and the two pieces of gear from her first Heroic Scenario, she is well on her way there!

Guild wise, The Drafia is still making it's way through Normal Siege of Orgrimmar. I'm back on the raid team (and actually enjoying it now I'm not trying to lead it!), and we are up to Garrosh. We've had a fair few goes on him and have managed to get to Phase Three now, even getting him down to 24%, so we're getting there :)

In other news, I found a really cool looking Boar last night while levelling yet another alt, so had to take the hunter out to tame it - am yet to think of a suitable name for him though (and will likely still be stuck using my Sporebat in raids, ho hum ^^)

Am still trying to find a suitable transmog to go with him ^^ Will keep you guys updated if i do find a good one!

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