Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy 2014!

I have started as I have said I would - with cleaning my PC!

I'm yet to clean the d3esk around it as you can see by this pic, but the PC is running quieter and all should be well :)

Tis a monster of a PC but it has served me well ^^

I have also started yet another pair of RaF characters (that makes four pairs currently) but with the intention of speed levelling an Alliance Druid via Grant a Level, and seems as though I've partially done this already with an Alliance Hunter, I need to level another pair to get some more granted levels before the linked accounts expire!

I have also started levelling a char on Doomhammer with @MrandMrsWow's Guild The Tweeters! She's only level 20 odd at the moment, and as per usual I have gotten myself sidetracked, but I shall return there eventually!

I have also made myself a US account while everything was on sale, so if anyone has any server/guild recommendations send them my way!

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