Thursday, 5 December 2013

Catchup and Shinies!

So I have 2 sets of RaF characters levelling away on Draenor, one on each faction at the moment.

Just really enjoying the questing again, even if on multiple classes I already have ^^

The highest ones at 41 currently are these pair:

Balance Druid and Elemental Shaman! I quest away on the Shammie with the Druid on follow, tabbing between accounts to accept and hand in quests when necessary! Brings a whole new element to the game ^^

Then the Alliance alts are these pair:

A Protection Paladin and a Frost Mage! (And yes I'm aware my choice of names is highly unoriginal ^^)

They are only at level 10 so far but are getting some levelling love today!

Also I finally got around to buying my Alterac Pup and Enchanted Fey Dragon mount!

All is good so will check in again soon :)

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