Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Shiny!

We interrupt this blogging silence to bring you news of an early Christmas present!

My lovely friends Siorai and Landerolin got me a pet for Christmas!

He is very shiny and I love him :>

Here is my priest busy levelling to try and reach 90 so she can be more useful to the Friday fun runs! She is currently 87 (so one level higher than last weeks!) and I hope to try and get her to 88 before tonight's run.

Also, the Enchanted Fey Dragon has the best facial expression:

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Catchup and Shinies!

So I have 2 sets of RaF characters levelling away on Draenor, one on each faction at the moment.

Just really enjoying the questing again, even if on multiple classes I already have ^^

The highest ones at 41 currently are these pair:

Balance Druid and Elemental Shaman! I quest away on the Shammie with the Druid on follow, tabbing between accounts to accept and hand in quests when necessary! Brings a whole new element to the game ^^

Then the Alliance alts are these pair:

A Protection Paladin and a Frost Mage! (And yes I'm aware my choice of names is highly unoriginal ^^)

They are only at level 10 so far but are getting some levelling love today!

Also I finally got around to buying my Alterac Pup and Enchanted Fey Dragon mount!

All is good so will check in again soon :)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Countdown to Winter's Vale

I has returned (sort of!)

The countdown to the Feast of Winter Vale (or Christmas if you want to be literal) has begun!

You will notice I have added a Christmas Countdown to my blog! This is my favourite time of year and I like to try and pull out all the stops to make sure my family has the best Christmas possible - something that becomes increasingly frustrating on a budget!

I have also found my in game mojo again!

My paladin is now level 90, meaning I at last have every class at 90! She is doing a fair job of learning to tank properly and is coming along nicely.

I have also caved and sent myself another Recruit-a-Friend request, so am busy levelling a pair of characters with all the appropriate XP boosts. I have chosen to level a second Shaman and another Druid, both ranged DPS :) I felt I couldn't pass up the chance once I saw the sale price for WoW - once I get around to putting some more game time on the new account I can get my shiny new mount!

Now I just need to decide which one and try not to send myself more recruit a friend requests!