Monday, 4 November 2013

Trademarks, Countdowns and Levelling, Oh My!

So blogless weekends are fast becoming a thing :-p

I apologise but we have my nephew on weekends and seeing him become a proper little person is so exciting ^^ (Even if his favourite word is currently No)

In other news, as most of you no doubt know, MMO Champion posted about a new trademark being registered "Warlords of Draenor".

Most speculation seems to centre around a return to Outland, either going back in time or picking up where we left off. Either would be fine with me as so many people seem to talk about the brilliance of the TBC expansion, but I only started playing towards the end of it so never got to experience the parts most people loved. That being said, it will be interesting to see if a revamp of the current Outland is on the cards (and I hope it is as I have had so many characters "stuck" in that part of their levelling paths!)

Countdown wise, The Godmother has been informing us how many days are left until Blizzcon on her blog! I have my virtual ticket and will be slowly altering my sleeping pattern over the following week to enable me to be awake for as much of this weekend as possible. Alas funds do not allow me to attend Barcraft-on-Thames or I would have attempted this also! I need to start listening to more podcasts though it seems!

Levelling wise - I have made another warlock! This followed a guild conversation of me having multiple alts (I do not have over a hundred hunters! Nice as that sounds) and that I should definitely make an undead Warlock as my next alt - so this is what I am currently levelling!

I am levelling her as destruction as a) I miss Rain of Fire, and b) I want to learn how to play it! She is currently level 26 and counting! (If you want to have a nose at her and tell me if I need to change any talents (and yes I'm aware she has no glyphs yet!) you can find her here: Aurosa).

I also have my #hunterweek character to level - she has been removed from the loving bosom of the hunter only guild on Draenor to get our guild perks and she is sitting at level 11 waiting for me to come back to her.

The Shaman is quite well geared now and I must say I have fallen in love with Shaman healing. She keeps up with much better geared characters and is usually near the top of the healing meters and I'm having little to no mana regen issues. I'm even thinking of doing the legendary questline for her too to get a cloak!

Flex wise, we have killed Garrosh again and more people got their heirloom weapons! We usually manage to clear parts 1 - 3 on a Thursday and then keep the last part for Saturday night. This last Saturday our illustrious guild leader forgot about Flex (shock and horror!) and went to a Firework display. A guildie who has his number texted him to see where he was, ending him saying he would be with is in about an hour. So I queued us thinking I could try and lead us through the first couple of bosses until he managed to get online. Queue us wiping over and over to Siegecrafter Blackfuse ending in us taking a ten minute break until he got online - then we proceeded to one shot the boss. 

I'm not to worried about this as we have only done those bosses twice now so I am not as well versed in those as I am with the others, but it was stupidly funny how easily the boss fell over with our Guild Leader there to talk us through it on Vent!

No loot for me this week, but it was lovely to see more people signing up for the Flex runs and getting loot (we are generally running with between 20 and 25 people each time now!) I'm even starting to wonder if we are going to have to start up another Flex group to fit everyone in ^^

Roll on Blizzcon!

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