Thursday, 17 October 2013

When I was a Young WoW Noob

I decided to do a sort of continuation of my last blog.

There is a lot of speculation at the moment about what might be announced in Blizzcon, what details we might get of a new expansion, if there will be a new class etc.

Those of us that have been playing a long time have seen so many changes coming and going in the game, that we wait more with a sense of dread than of excitement part of the time I feel. Wondering what new imbalances there will be, if there is a new class how OP they will be at first before the inevitable nerf bat kicks in (Death Knights anyone?)

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had no idea what I was doing when I first started playing.

My friend used to despair of me and every now and again check my gear and give me some new things from the AH and tell me that spirit was no good to me (which I ignored as everyone knows spirit increases mana regeneration!) This was when hunters still used mana of course.

At the time I can remember thinking that the higher the armour number, the better the gear. My friend did briefly tell me that green gear was better than white, and blue better than green - however, he didn't explain that this meant the name of the gear being the different colours. I spent a long time thinking he meant the actual colour of the gear, so had a nice green outfit going for a while, even if half of it was strength and intellect gear!

I also had no idea what a "dungeon" was. As I wasn't very good at the questing part (or more the "finding" of the quest objectives) I tended to ride around exploring a lot. This was before they even brought in achievements for doing so, I just wanted to uncover the map. On a few occasions I would be met by a swirly portal, and having no idea what these were decided to investigate, then got promptly killed. My hunter levelled purely by questing and didn't do any dungeons until Wrath when a kind guildie explained what they were and the gear that could drop.

As we enter new expansions, or even as we pick up a new class for the first time, we all briefly return to that time when it was all new and exciting. We just need to learn to hold on to that feelin a while longer and we will all be much happier for it :)


  1. My Hunter was your twin, lol! Except she bought all her gear from vendors so she didn't even have that wonderful spirit. I don't know what level I was when I found out about the AH. And she could never, ever find quest items. I remember thinking sparkly quest items was the best change to the game ever.

    1. Oh god yes! Sparkles was the best invention ever!! xD