Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Week That Was

My apologies for the radio silence over the last week! I have been struck by a rather nasty bug that meant for the most part I didn't feel up to sitting at my computer so I have been mostly cuddled up in my duvet feeling sorry for myself (though occasionally feeling better enough to drag myself to a guild flex raid!)

Suffice to say, I am feeling a whole lot better (and may even manage to keep some food down today \o/) so I shall be back to normal service asap.

The guild bumbled along without me, and Buv led my 10 man group on Wednesday for me (which was super awesome of him!) and they downed Immerseus again! :D Hopefully we can move forward now :)

Flex on Thursday and the guild spammed through parts one and two with no problems! The bosses we struggled with before seemed to just all fall over in front of us this week and we were ready to try The Underhold last night.

I was a bit nervous as I hadn't managed to look up any tactics through the week, but our fantastic guild leader explained everything as we went and the first boss fell quite easily with no deaths.

Spoils of Pandaria caused us a few issues - what a bizarre fight that is! Opening just the right amount of boxes and surviving the mechanics with the group in two separate rooms is an interesting fighting technique. We blew up more than a few times!

We then made our way to Thok the Bloodthirsty (after getting ourselves turned around and running back in the opposite direction ^^)

We didn't quite manage to get him down but we got close! I think we got him down to around 1% at one point, but we didn't quite get there. Hopefully we are going to work on getting some more upgrades for people over the next few days and head back in Tuesday night and get him down!

So how has the week been for the rest of Azeroth while I've been otherwise engaged? :)


  1. Oh no, I'm glad you're feeling better now! Being ill sucks!! It's so annoying when you get a boss down to 1% - it's happened to me a few times in LFR & flex raids - but atleast you know its possible and you're pretty much there :)

    1. Indeed and it gives everyone a sense of excitement to get back in and get it done :D