Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The One Where I Ragequit Hearthstone Temporarily

So yeah, finally got a Hearthstone Beta invite, and have just ragequit after being beat by the Hunter practice deck four times in a row ^^

I shall go back to it eventually, but I quite enjoyed the small taster I have had this morning :D I shall unlock the other practice decks, oh yes!

In WoW related news, I have managed to miss yet another alt appreciation post in relation to priests (but mine is rarely played atm so I'm not too bothered ^^ although, I may make one soon just because she is my second oldest character).

Recently, I have been mostly playing my warrior. Yes, you heard me right, a class taht I've always struggled with and given up on, and do you know what? I'm actually enjoying it! A lot actually!

I've gone from never managed to level a warrior above level 40 to having one currently at level 89! (Granted there may have been some slight cheating in the fact that she was a free level 80 I got from a Scroll of Resurrection when they first came out but shhhhh!)

After some coaching and advice from a guildie (and a fantabulous weapon find - http://www.wowhead.com/item=86523) I am having loads of fun levelling as Arms. Hopefully, she will hit 90 today and then I can gear her up on Lootistics Island (TM by The Godmother) and get her a Prot offspec as well!

Yesterday she jumped from 87 to 89 and had some fun on Darkmoon Island as well

So Happy Hearthstoning to those others lucky enough to be in the Beta and see ya soon! \o/

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