Friday, 11 October 2013

The Day I Thought I'd Never See!

I've done it!

I've actually managed to level a Warrior to end level, and I even learned how to enjoy playing it!

You may remember me mentioning my Warrior previously and saying how she was level 81, and likely to remain that way forever as I just could not get my head around how to play them and enjoy it.

Well thanks to some tips from Buv and other guildies, I have learned how to play Arms, and enjoyed every second. The Warrior is now 90! (Yes, another level 90!)

Here is how she looked when I first started my blog:

Yes, that is a shield. I was half toying with levelling as Prot.

Here is how she looks today:

A much happier, healthier looking Warrior, I'm sure you'll agree!

Since dinging 90 on Tuesday she has been busy on the Timeless Isle (the Celestials even gave her tier legs!), and is sitting at a heady 487 ilvl already!

All I want to do now is get her properly geared, and maybe pick up a tank set ^^

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