Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Well we ventured into this part on Flex last night, and boy did we wipe!

I think we wiped at least six times on Siegecrafter and Klaxxi! We gave Garrosh a couple of attempts before calling it as people were tired, but I can't wait to get him down too!

There is a lot of stuff to remember in the Klaxxi fight, and luckily we do have an excellent raid leader for our Flexi runs. I wouldn't have a clue what I was supposed to be DPSing otherwise, even after reading up on the fight.

The night was also successful as I got new bracers and a Kovok pet! I'm currently in two minds whether to keep it or sell it as it is going for a nice amount on my server. I listed it last night and will let the gods of random selling decide - if it sells yay gold! If not, woo new pet :D

I believe we are planning to go ack up against Garrosh on Saturday so I shall spend some time in LFR this week familiarising myself with the fights I think ^^

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