Monday, 21 October 2013

Another Brick in the Wall

Or should I say another alt to 90!

The rogue finally reached level 90 yesterday! It has taken me five years of trying but I've finally figured out how rogues can be fun and managed to level one to max level!

Yes, I have actually been trying to level a rogue for that amount of time. I would usually get one to around 20 and then give up, same with warriors actually!

Thanks to Lootistics Island, she is almost geared enough for Siege of Orgrimmar LFR, and has dabbled a bit in Throne of Thunder last night (until I hit a group so bad I just had to leave for my own sanity!)

Here she is in her "grown-up" transmog:

I'm in two minds about the legs, but they shall do for now! All I need to do now is get her some nice new daggers to replace her two and she'll be laughing!

Next on the list is the shaman!


  1. Gratz! Hmm I like the legs but I think that's more because I like to think of all female BElfs as being a little... erm... risque!

    1. Thanks ^^ and yeah, all my belfs seem to have similar transmogs lol, but i think i want something a little darker shade of red!