Thursday, 10 October 2013

#Altappreciation Week - Priest

Late again ^^

As promised though, here is an introduction and a bit about my priest.

My priest was made back in Wrath, not long after my hunter had hit 80. She is my second ever character, and despite being deleted once, is still going strong!

Originally my priest was a Draenei called Arafia

I had chosen to make her Draenei as I really liked their cast animations:

Even if I wasn't a fan of their stupid mounts:

I learned to love healing on my priest, levelling her exclusively as holy (and this was back when holy didn't have a DPS "chakra" and before dual spec).

I healed every dungeon I could access as I levelled, and did a fair few quests as well (questing as holy in Zangarmarsh was painful!) Thought she did get the coolest looking outfits:

Eventually I got the priest to 66, and was in Nagrand (which I hate, I just get so bored and want to give up when I have a character there). This led to me playing the priest less and less, and eventually deleting her in favour of my new druid.

Roll on quite some time later (I would even hazard a guess as to about a year, but not entirely sure) and a ticket to Blizz later my priest was restored!

She learned Dual Spec and switched from Holy to Disc, and a Shadow offspec. She even race changed to Night Elf, and now, she is a Panda, and back to Holy again :)

I'm even enjoying healing on her again!

I have a second priest who have been levelling (though have been slacking on her lately) who has been levelled purely as holy again, but with the new DPS Chakra!

It has been a much faster journey and the DPS isn't even bad!

She's stuck in Uldum atm, but will eventually join her sisters in Pandaria!

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