Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Milestone of Sorts

Apparently, this is my 100th blog post!

It seems I have managed to find things to write about (or post screenshots about!) for one hundred posts, which I never thought I would manage to do when I started this blog.

The plan I generally had when I started about what things I would write about has definitely gone out of the window, and I find myself just waffling about my day to day playing instead of trying to give my opinions on things in the wider WoW world.

The main reason for this is, I just go with the flow the majority of the time. I am not one of the people who reads every patch note and is up to date on all the things that are going to change in upcoming patches.

I much prefer to sit back and wait to see what will come :)

I don't mind reading the odd thing on twitter or other people's blogs, but I like to have some surprises in store for me when these things go live.

So this is why you won't get many speculation posts from me, though I do write a few when the mood takes me.

But thank you for reading my one hundred posts of waffle, and here's to the next hundred \o/


  1. Yaay happy erhm blogpostverse or something!! :P <3 \o/ I read your every post, just don't always remember to comment! :)
    Your blog is cool!

  2. Grats! And may you have hundreds more!