Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Day to Remember!

What a day I had yesterday!

Firstly, I actually managed to get all the 90s their Celestials kill (a feat unheard of before!). The warlock got her 2 set tier bonus courtesy of some new gloves, and the rogue got tier legs. All the rest got double gold.

I also managed to get my last three runestones for my cloak with minimum fuss, though I did end up doing the last part of Throne of Thunder twice as I had to go back for Lei Shen's heart.

However it was then raid time so I didn't have time enough to finish it before hand.

So we headed into raid with three healers this time, which was a brilliant change. We've been struggling for healers so far so when we have managed to raid have usually only scraped together two healers, which our team isn't quite skilled enough at staying out of bad stuff for yet.

So in we went, killed first boss with almost no issues (though I spent a large part of it dead due to an unlucky swirl spawn right on top of me!). We have first two bosses on farm though so I expected no issues there. I did get some shiny new boots though which was nice!

We headed to the Protectors, and got these down quick enough, and some people got some more shiny loot.

Then we headed towards Norushen, which we'd been having issues with for a couple of weeks - and proceeded to one shot it!

Obviously having an extra healer made a world of difference (and our usual healer is a bit more vocal on vent now and used to lead a heroic team, so his guidance was fantastic as I'm not very good at raid leading myself).

I even remembered to take a screenshot!

Full of good cheer and confidence we headed into the room for Sha of Pride - and proceeded to wipe on the trash like the pro raiders that we are xD

After much laughter and hilarity we settled down to kill the Sha of Pride - and again one shot it! I'm seriously never letting the healers that came go, they are our good luck charms it seems!

Some very shiny loot dropped including a which was won by our lovely monk DPS (curse you! :p) and one again I forgot to take a kill shot!

We had a few good tries then on Galakras but I think tiredness was getting to us then and we wiped a few times before calling it for the night. An excellent evening for my little team!

So I then headed off to visit the four celestial temples and get their blessing, before having to double back as I went to the wrong temple for the ranged DPS challenge (like a pro!)

After reading a few comments on Wowhead beforehand to prepare myself I found the challenge itself easy enough. Got my epic 600 ilvl cloak and headed off to the Timeless Isle to see about getting the legendary part.

A few other people were on the same bit as me so we all stuck around and killed the Celestials one after the other until we finished our quests, and then headed to the Seat of Knowledge and huzzah! My first ever legendary!

Now if only I could figure out how to turn off the annoying vanity proc!

So a very productive day indeed!

Now on to flex and hopefully we shall kill Garrosh this week!

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