Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Raid That Nearly Wasn't!

As I mentioned previously, Team Draf (as I have decided we are called) had a bit of a problem with finishing Throne of Thunder as our team sort of imploded.

We had no raid leader, no main healer and offhealer (the raid leader), and a DPS had also gone, causing mass shock and astonishment by the guys they had brought over to the guild with them.

Guild drama aside, this meant we had almost a full team of people who were wanting to raid Normal difficulty (not including myself) and were now at a loss.

Well, we might not have managed to finish Throne of Thunder, but last night we did manage to make it into Siege of Orgrimmar! We didn't manage to kill anything, but we had a good night of practice against Immerseus, and I led my first proper raid (I've half led social raids before but this was a whole new animal!)

We do however seem to have a shortage of healers in guild which makes trying to sort raid lineups interesting! Though we had a lovely Monk join us the day before yesterday, so 2 man healing meant we were probably cutting it a little fine for most of the night (though both healers did an excellent job!)

I had the comedy death for the evening managing to die within about 5 seconds of pull (trying to remember to push the Bloodlust button on my corehound as well as my opening for DPS is hard don't ya know!) and one of our tanks didn't manage to beat the Log in Queue.

However, I wish to thank Team Draf for sticking with it and hopefully we can move forward and make things happen! (albeit maybe a little slower than before, but we'll get there!) Also thanks for putting up with my less than appealing voice on vent as I am suffering with the worst cold of the year so far ^^

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