Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Drafia Finish Flex Part 2!

So yeah, we headed into the second part of Flex last night, and we actually finished it without any issues!

This surprised me as I'd seen how horrific it could be in LFR and was expecting us to have to at least go back next week and finish some of it.

I even managed to remember to take a couple of kill shots!

Lots of guildies joined us and some very nice loot dropped! I got the bow from Galakras and tier gloves from Nazgrim!

I think the major difference between us zerging through it on Flex and LFR, is that we were all on vent, and so could communicate a lot easier (or share my ever growing frustration at things killing my pet on the Dark Shaman fight!)

One of our guildies even videoed our Nazgrim kill (one shot baby, Gamon Will Save Us!!)

So if any of you are sitting on the fence regarding Flex, not sure what people will get out of it, just look at it as a specialist LFR, but with people you like, and your own comms to make it so much easier!

We have much the same people showing up to our Flex raids, but we have people popping in and out as they need to, and even a few old guildies from SWC join us!

All in all, I think that Blizzard have got a monumental hit as far as Flex raiding is concerned and I can't wait to see what else it brings in the future!

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