Friday, 27 September 2013

Siege of Orgrimmar So Far...


I finally got around to queuing for the second part in LFR last night, re-attempting it after the previous attempt.

Again, I queued late at night (just after the guild Flex run, which I ended up leading for the most part - still not very confident at leading these things!) Eventually the queue popped and thus started a good two hours of LFR!

Now I know that some of you will be thinking "Oh my god, two hours!?" and seriously, usually so would I, but it wasn't that bad!

I actually thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and it didn't even feel like two hours!

So the first fight, Galakros, was a glorious mish mash of people DPSing and not knowing when to go to towers or when to focus certain adds. We wiped the first time because we forgot to kill an add that was focusing one of the faction leaders (derp!)

Tried again and managed to get it down (woohoo!)

Followed the crowd to Iron Juggernaut, and decided that it looked scary! No idea what to do so I just kind of stood with the other hunters and nuked, (got slightly annoyed at having to re-summon my pet after every Shock Pulse!)

It eventually died so we headed into Orgrimmar itself!

This entire time I'd been fighting with a grin on my face, I must say, I absolutely love that the raid is taking place in an area that we all actually go to Really feels that I am involved with the story, which I also love.

So heading into Orgimmar itself, and we see Ji Firepaw being tortured by Overseer Komak. This being LFR I fully expected everyone to ignore that little bit and focus on all the other adds, but seems another hunter saw this too and MD'd the Overseer to a tank, letting Aysa go to him. I even stopped to get a screenshot!

So we then continued clearing out the rest of the mobs in the area, including in the bank and auction house, before starting the Dark Shamans fight.

We had a few wipes on that getting a few stacks of the determination buff before managign to finally get it down.

We then spent a good half hour wiping on trash between there and Nazgrim ^^

I still enjoyed it though, and the vast majority of the group stayed through it all.

Now I had done a bit of reading on Nazgrim, and after also reading The Grump Elf's blog post (which you can find here), I was fairly sure that my pet would be okay to stay on the boss during Defensive stance. It seems I wasn't the only pet class to think so, yet people still apparently struggle with not DPSing something during a phase.

The adds hit rather hard we found out as well!

So we had a few tries and eventually managed to get him down with four stacks of the determination buff, which wasn't too bad! My guild leader and few others in a separate group managed to get closer to ten stacks!

No loot for me unfortunately (or secrets QQ) but I still thoroughly enjoyed it, which I can't say I've felt about LFR for a long time!

Can't wait to see what part 3 brings!

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