Saturday, 7 September 2013


Gotta love 'em! ^^

I've realised that I have been very neglectful of posting about hunters this week as it is all about their appreciation!

So while my main hunter has been busy slowly whittling down the health of Dark Animus (we got him/her/it to 11% last night!), I've tried to show some love to my other characters.

My goblin hunter spent yesterday running scenarios in order to earn some JP to buy a set of heirloom shoulders I didn't have yet for my newest alt - I'm going to try levelling a warrior again.

So we had some quality time together, and I got some new achievements on her. Might try and get her through HoF LFR today now that she has the ilvl for it :)

I've also decided that I'm going to keep the alt hunter I made for the Hunter Guild and eventually get around to levelling her up! I want an orc hunter now!

Patch next week should keep me nice and busy (plus I got a promotion in my guild so fun times!) so with normal raiding, flex raiding and trying to keep social activities going, I may be very sporadic with the timings of my blog posts! Be warned! :D

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