Thursday, 5 September 2013

Durumu Dead! :D

So yeah :D

He's finally dead, I survived ever maze (tho I did die to Disintegration Beam once) and we finally got him down on our last try of the night which also felt awesome ^^

From the start we had a few issues, one of our rogues had gone visiting to Glasgow and taken a laptop with him to play, but just before raid time found out that he didn't have WoW installed! (In his defence, he had no charger for the laptop and had bought one earlier in the day so it was literally only just at raid time that he found this out).

Then one of our tanks had a power cut and didn't look like he would be able to get back on. Luckily another guildie came and filled in, and although he had less gear we got some great tries, getting him down to 3% at one point before wiping again.

Also, before last night, I had no idea how much easier the ranged path through the maze is compared to the melee! If I had known it existed before this I would have had a much easier time of this boss.

Our usual tank managed to get back on so we swapped him back in and carried on trying to get the boss down.

Then on our last go of the night , it all just fell in to place, and we got him! Love it when that happens :D

However, in all the excitement, I completely forgot to get a kill shot QQ

Loot was nothing exciting for me, intellect bracers and a tanking cloak. However my bonus roll was absolutely fantastic and made up for the boss being such a pain to learn:

Tis a shiny crossbow! And not just any crossbow:

Thunderforged baby! :D

Suffice to say I was rather hyper the rest of the evening ^^ Primordius tonight!

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