Monday, 23 September 2013

Busy Busy!

So many things going on in game, so I've been rather busy!

The Drafia have managed to finish the first part of Siege of Orgimmar on Flex difficulty! With two days a week dedicated to Flex raiding, we seem to have a fluid group of between 13 and 20, and boy can you tell the difficulty change with more people in the raid!

I am really enjoying the new raid so far and am following the storyline closely as a massive fan of lore (that's lore as in story not Lore as in the person ^^ tho I'm sure he is important too!) Not entirely sure how the Timeless Isle ties in to this, but my alts are certainly not complaining!

Due to all this though, I am behind on the blog, behind on my daily screenshots and also behind on my alt appreciation!

I also finally remembered to take a kill shot! However, it was after the Sha of Pride died and of course there is no body, but here we are:

The beauty of Flex as well is being able to bring in old friends from old servers to join us! The dead body in the forefront is an old friend of a guildie from SWC! All I need now is a mechanism to bring my old Alliance friends x)

I also stepped up and healed one of our Flex raids on my priest, which wasn't actually as scary as I thought it would be! I even healed as Holy which I haven't done since TBC, and even more shocking - I did not hate it! I actually enjoyed my priest again which I haven't done in the longest time, which I think was connected to my complete lack of knowing how to deal with the atonement mechanic and being really really bad at it.

In other news, the monk has a full set of Mistweaver gear (as mentioned in this post) tho I am yet to brave anywhere to actually heal! I shall get there eventually ^^

The second hunter is almost fully geared except for horrendous luck with weapon drops, she is still using a 450 crossbow. She shall be slogging her way through LFR again soon. The Lock and the Mage are coming along nicely, though again I am yet to find time to take them through LFR, but they are both hovering around the ilvl 500 mark. The druid is just over 500 and is resto/feral so shall have fun sorting her gear out too.

The baby mage (who in #MageWeek was a Panda) is now a goblin! I have decided that I must mog her as per the goblin casters in the Gob Squad scenario! It shall happen (as soon as I remember where I get that colour of gear, I know I have white and red on tailor I think!)

SoO normal raids for the Drafia are slowly taking shape, but we are still seeking more healers, so if anyone knows of any healers on Draenor looking for a new home (or elsewhere!) point them in my direction :)

I have also now got all three of the Zandalari Warbringer mounts thanks to Buv, and he has had a load of materials to help with levelling his third (or fourth, I lost count) engineer. We shall be continuing to get him the other mounts at some point. He has also been teaching me how to play my warrior!

I have an interesting relationship with warriors in that I've not been able to get myself to level one at all. The one I have now is currently level 84, but I had her as a free level 80 from a Scroll of Resurrection. I got to 81 and had not touched her since the beginning of last year (I think).

In the past week she has gone from 81 to 84 (though some of that was from pet battling!) and I am actually enjoying her now that I sort of know what to do! All I need now is for someone to do the same thing with my Rogue ^^

Coming up shortly:
a catch up of daily screenshot
my alt appreciation post

Also, its my 30th birthday today! Who needs to grow up when you're having this much fun? ^^

Edited to add: My good guildie Arideen gets my award for astounding patience - yesterday he did the first part of Siege LFR, and hit a group that were really struggling. However he stayed with them through 8 stacks of the Determination Buff to down the Protectors. (Though he had to leave when shortly after they kept wiping on the trash to the next boss!)


  1. I know I've already tweeted you but Happy Birthday again!!
    I still haven't set foot in SoO, I'm hoping to get it done before the reset if possible.
    Your guildie had a lot of patience! I took my mage in to ToT last night - it was one hell of a ride! First group wiped on Durumu 3 times. By the third wipe a load of people left so I decided to re-queue. Second group wiped twice. I have to admit that maybe I was a bit slow on the maze etc but it was very testing! (I'll be blogging about this later).

    1. It took me forever to learn the maze! I still find it tricky now lol. I love LFR for what it does though giving access to end game content to everyone ^^ And ty again for the birthday wishes :D