Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Alt Appreciation #Monkweek

I do have a monk! She is even level 90.

Sofinja (name is a cross between Sofia and Ninja, yes, I know, its rubbish xD), is also my tailor on Draenor.

She was originally made as the guild was short a troll monk for the Classy Trolls achieve, so I said I would make one. I did enjoy levelling her up to 90, but I don't really fancy playing her anymore.

She does get dusted off every few days when I remember about my tailoring cooldown, and she has had some very nice gear from the Timeless Isle over the last few days. I don't know why but we don't click as much as we used to.

So even though she is a little bit dusty, I do still appreciate my monk :) 

I might even give healing a go!


  1. Monk healing is Fun! You should definitely give it a shot. :) And I think I kind of love that name. It does sound kind of trollish XD