Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Alt Appreciation #Mageweek

Mages are a bit like Marmite I've decided, you either love them, or you hate them.

I tried a few mages over the years, and just couldn't get on with them. I'd tried a few things and just found them to be very mana unfriendly and would give up on them and delete them.

Then someone told me try levelling as frost - what a revelation! I could actually get on with it again, however I still soon grew bored with it after levelling a Draenei mage to the mid 30s.

At the time, she was called Vandrasi, and I had only chosen Draenei as my favourite race, Night Elf, were not able to be mages. Before I re-rolled horde, I would have had every character as a Night Elf if I could have.

Then with the announcement of Cataclysm we found that Night Elves could finally be mages! One of the first things I did was race change my mage to Night Elf, and funnily enough had no problems levelling her after that. ^^

She soon reached 85 and had her time in DS LFR same as the rest of the alts, and became my Scribe.

She is now a Panda, slowly working her way to 90!

She is currently level 87!

Towards the end of Cata, I rolled another mage, this time a human! She and I had a good run levelling quickly, and she became one of my three alchemists.

Here she is in her Theramore gear inspired transmog :)

Now as I have found in a few cases, I generally play a class better the second try round. Not sure if its the extra practice or already having the basics, but this mage caught my heart and has indeed reached 90 before my original mage. She is an alchemist and a JC, and also has maxed Archaeology and does all my pet battles!

Here she is now:

Her current transmog is definitely a work in progress!

Katrynn is level 90 and primarily goes around in Frost Spec (pet classes ftw!).

She is also possibly my second best geared character!

I do also have a third mage! My baby horde mage of level 70, back on my home server of Steamwheedle Cartel. I recently felt the urge to play her again, so requested her to be "un-deleted". So she is currently naked!

Here is how she looked while I was playing her though:

(Come on, we all know on finding these empty coffins while levelling, you would all do this too!)

So yes, while I love my hunters, I also have a thing for mages it seems ^^


  1. My mage is frost spec, I havent tried the other specs but went with frost as my boyfriend recommended it for leveling - he's a mage. I love having a water elemental by my side!
    I have a few Horde chars on Steamwheedle Cartel. A work friend played on that server but he's quit WoW so I've kinda abandoned them :(
    Oh, I also take a rest in every empty coffin I find in-game :)

    1. yeah i only joined the server in the first place because of a friend, then fell in love with a guild, then fell in love again but the guild came to Draenor so here I am lol

  2. I love that you have three Mages. What better way to appreciate an alt than to make it your favorite class, but with a different flavor? I certainly hold that view, personally. And best of all, you can have all the different specs for even more flavor. Thank you for sharing your Mages with everyone. :p

  3. Thank you for sharing your Mages with everyone. I just posted a second ago, but it vanished from my screen. ;_;

    Anyway, I think that have multiple mages is quite cool, as I am a fan of playing the class you like, but trying different things on different characters. Adds quite a bit of flavor, even if they are all the same class. :p

    1. Its ok, I check them before publishing is all ^^ and thank you for the comments :D