Sunday, 1 September 2013

Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek

I'm actually on time for this for once :D

I even prepared in advance!

So, meet my babies:

There was another hunter, but she has been temporarily deleted for character space!

Now I introduced you to Aurorasofia back in this blog post - she was my first character, will always remain a favourite and unlike some of my alts, is a character that I always come back to.

They haven't always looked this way though (well, Alyxe has ^^).

We have a love hate relationship whereas I occasionally forget I love hunters and go and level a druid or a lock, but we always make up again ^^ I always make sure she looks good as well!

Auroraszafia has been a little bit neglected since her raiding heydays in Cata, but she is getting a bit of love again now, though I haven't found her an outfit yet.

This is how they looked at the end of Cata:

Sôfia is what Auroraszafia used to be called. Her transmog is one of those many outfits I picked up cheap from the Auction House. She was originally levelled as a human, purely for the guild achievement Classy Humans - and I still have an abiding hatred of playing humans.

As soon as we had the achievement she got race changed to one of my two favourite Alliance races, and looked for the skimpiest outfit I could find (I have a rather bad habit of this, as you will not doubt have noticed with my other transmogs!)

Now although I love my hunters, I usually only love them using bows or crossbows, the sound of a gun really annoys me with my characters, however, I may try and find a nice one for the goblin, as it would fit her character better now I feel!

Between my high level hunters, I have a great collection of rare and challenge tame pets, some on one and some on the other, and will continue to hunt rare tames for as long as my hunters exist, and no doubt will add to the communal Stable at some point with a new baby hunter!

The feel of taking my hunter and soloing things with ease is is an experience I love, and have relentlessly farmed Zandalari Warscouts on Aurorasofia with my trusty tank pets. Its an aspect of the game that has evolved and I love pet tanking things when I can (though I would love an instant re-summon for all pet types upon death, not just ferocity type :D)

When I do end up raiding, it is always the hunter that is my raiding class, as I feel it is the class I know the best and also, the play style i enjoy the most. Through mana and focus, and minimum range and loss of stat sticks, they will always be my favourite class.

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