Monday, 16 September 2013

Adventures on a Timeless Isle

I have been quiet the last few days, partly because of visiting family, and partly because I have been busy exploring the new island!

I've done most of the quests, just farming the rep with Emperor Shaohao now, and attempting to get a flight on an Albatross, but Draenor seems to be full of trolls (of the bad kind) who enjoy killing the birds from under people!

Managed to get one so got myself a very shiny chest upgrade, which goes well with my shiny Flex loot on the hunter.

The many alts have been very luck as well due to the vast amount of Timeless gear I've managed to obtain! All of my 90s have a full set of timeless gear now (unless they already had better), and I've even managed to send full sets to a few characters I have between 80 and 90. This has still left me with a load of spares that I'm going to hang on to for now for some of the lower alts:

My DK got very lucky when she took on the new world boss (aka The Celestials):

As per the other world bosses you can kill one a week and get loot (though you can kill all 4 for the achieve, you only get loot once).

My DK managed to walk away with two bits of loot thanks to a lucky coin roll, and they were massive upgrades for her: and Not bad for a charadcter that wasn't even high enough to do Throne of Thunder LFR!

The second hunter also had a nice lot of loot that has brought her almost high enough to enter the new LFR that opens this week, without even once setting foot in any of the LFRs except once to the first part of MSV! All she needs now really is a new weapon (as she's still using a 450 one >.>)

Lots of nice new pets available on the isle as well!

Some mobs also drop pets, but I've not been lucky enough to get one quite yet ^^

All in all, it is a nice little time sink, and an easy way to get loot for alts in what has so far been a rather alt unfriendly expansion :)

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