Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Whole Lot of Farming!

As most of you have no doubt realised, patch 5.4 is here \o/

Yesterday was a day of extreme lagginess for me, playing on a "Full" server, and at times it was frustrating (trying to get a Highwind Albatross to carry you when other people are purposefully shooting at it being one of them!)

I started the day taking some "After" screenshots of the Vale:

Here are some Before shots:

And here are some of the After shots:

Soon after, I started killing stuff on the Isle - the amount of gear I got for alts was surprising! I didn't expect so much of it to drop, and I even managed to get a Burden of Eternity while farming turtles and got my hunter a 535 chest piece!

Not entirely sure what else to do with the hunter out there at the moment though as she is no where near finishing the legendary cloak quest line  so she can't get to Ordos or do much else out there apart from grind coins. So in the meantime, I shall take some of the other alts over there and let them find some chests and get some shiny upgrades of their own!

Also, woop woop I was right about the new Warchief (for those who may be avoiding spoilers I shan't post it here, but if any are interested, take a look at MMO Champion ;))

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