Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Small Amount of Success!

It's been a good few days!

Managed to finish levelling my engineering on my warrior (with a lot of help!) and thus get my Master of All achievement :D

I also did some more pet battling and managed to beat the masters of Cataclysm! Pandaria, I'm coming for you \o/

Team Draf managed to raid last night, despite our stand in tank forgetting to log in early as there are queues *cough*nub*cough* and finally managed to down something \o/

I am so proud of my group for sticking with it (with the sad lack of our resident rogue due to, we think, internet issues) and congrats to all on the kill and to those that got loot!

I am now up to 19 Secrets of the Empire \o/ 

My brief foray into the second half of LFR last night proved unsuccessful as I joined a group with 2 stacks of determination on Galakron, and most of the team left, leaving 7 of us queuing at gone 1 in the morning. So I shall re-attempt that later today before Flex I think ^^

I feel immensely proud of my little group of raiders at the moment so it has been an awesome couple of days, and hopefully we can continue to kill bosses in Flex today!


  1. Grats on your kill! And also grats on your pet achieves, pet battling achieves are always so satisfying to get :)

    1. Thank you very much :D And yes, I'm loving my pet battle achieves, its so good to be able to beat the masters now I've actually got a few teams set up ^^