Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A-Raiding We Will Go!

So in honour of Hunter week, I am mostly spending time only on my hunters this week!

Aurorasofia shall be mostly living in Throne of Thunder! Our new raid group is thundering (hah) through there at a great speed, and we're currently working on Durumu on Normal.

A couple of wipes on Ji-kun but she went down easy enough, and I even learned how to do the nests! This team has been fun because I'm learning how to do things I hadn't before, like kicking turtles, and flying ot nests. Now, I just need to learn how not to die in the maze xD

I took some great screenshots of our kills so far, and of one flying tree!

 One of our wipes ^^

So yeah, a lot of you will have already done all this a long time ago, but I'm still having loads of fun and we're aiming to kill Lei Shen before the patch still! I've not had this much fun raiding in a long long time ^^

Now here's me yesterday as a Draenei, courtesy of the Obelisk of Deception ^^


  1. Glad you are enjoying raiding with us Sofia. You are such a lovely person to bring along <3 Lets kick Lei Shen's Ass this week and then punch Garrosh in the face next patch!