Friday, 13 September 2013

A Flex Lootfest!

So The Drafia did a Flex raid last night!

So much fun! We managed to down the first two bosses fairly easily, then spent the last part gradually getting closer to a kill on Norushen (but not quite getting there!)

We didn't quite have everyone with us that expressed an interest as there are still log on queues at peak times on Draenor with it being so close to the patch. Took a few guildies close to an hour to get on again last night.

However, we soon set off with a respectable 15 of us!

As usual, I got caught up in the moment and completely forgot to take screenshots until near the end xD

The hunter got very spoiled with a mix of drop loot and bonus rolls! She got and!

So I have a basic idea of the fight now and can hopefully get our normal group back up and running, after our raid leader and main healer decided they wished to raid elsewhere with a better geared group for 5.4.

We also have another flex run up for the guild on Saturday either for alts or for people who couldn't make last night :)

With regards to the Timeless Isle BoA gear, I have pretty much fully geared all my level 90 alts, and have now started sending gear to the alts between 80 and 90!

In Pet Battle news, finally beat Major Payne! (With the awesome assistance of Mr Buv, who is so much better at the pet battling than me, I just want to collect all the shinies!)

So now, the Cataclysm trainers await! But I have far too much else to do xD

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