Monday, 30 September 2013

#Wowscreenshotaday Days 28 - 30

Day 28 - 10 o clock:

Not sure what time this was but I'm guessing around 10am after a night on the town...

Day 29 - Gold:

the bank in Shrine

Day 30 - Found:

Hunter challenge tame \o/

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Drafia Finish Flex Part 2!

So yeah, we headed into the second part of Flex last night, and we actually finished it without any issues!

This surprised me as I'd seen how horrific it could be in LFR and was expecting us to have to at least go back next week and finish some of it.

I even managed to remember to take a couple of kill shots!

Lots of guildies joined us and some very nice loot dropped! I got the bow from Galakras and tier gloves from Nazgrim!

I think the major difference between us zerging through it on Flex and LFR, is that we were all on vent, and so could communicate a lot easier (or share my ever growing frustration at things killing my pet on the Dark Shaman fight!)

One of our guildies even videoed our Nazgrim kill (one shot baby, Gamon Will Save Us!!)

So if any of you are sitting on the fence regarding Flex, not sure what people will get out of it, just look at it as a specialist LFR, but with people you like, and your own comms to make it so much easier!

We have much the same people showing up to our Flex raids, but we have people popping in and out as they need to, and even a few old guildies from SWC join us!

All in all, I think that Blizzard have got a monumental hit as far as Flex raiding is concerned and I can't wait to see what else it brings in the future!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Friday, 27 September 2013

Siege of Orgrimmar So Far...


I finally got around to queuing for the second part in LFR last night, re-attempting it after the previous attempt.

Again, I queued late at night (just after the guild Flex run, which I ended up leading for the most part - still not very confident at leading these things!) Eventually the queue popped and thus started a good two hours of LFR!

Now I know that some of you will be thinking "Oh my god, two hours!?" and seriously, usually so would I, but it wasn't that bad!

I actually thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and it didn't even feel like two hours!

So the first fight, Galakros, was a glorious mish mash of people DPSing and not knowing when to go to towers or when to focus certain adds. We wiped the first time because we forgot to kill an add that was focusing one of the faction leaders (derp!)

Tried again and managed to get it down (woohoo!)

Followed the crowd to Iron Juggernaut, and decided that it looked scary! No idea what to do so I just kind of stood with the other hunters and nuked, (got slightly annoyed at having to re-summon my pet after every Shock Pulse!)

It eventually died so we headed into Orgrimmar itself!

This entire time I'd been fighting with a grin on my face, I must say, I absolutely love that the raid is taking place in an area that we all actually go to Really feels that I am involved with the story, which I also love.

So heading into Orgimmar itself, and we see Ji Firepaw being tortured by Overseer Komak. This being LFR I fully expected everyone to ignore that little bit and focus on all the other adds, but seems another hunter saw this too and MD'd the Overseer to a tank, letting Aysa go to him. I even stopped to get a screenshot!

So we then continued clearing out the rest of the mobs in the area, including in the bank and auction house, before starting the Dark Shamans fight.

We had a few wipes on that getting a few stacks of the determination buff before managign to finally get it down.

We then spent a good half hour wiping on trash between there and Nazgrim ^^

I still enjoyed it though, and the vast majority of the group stayed through it all.

Now I had done a bit of reading on Nazgrim, and after also reading The Grump Elf's blog post (which you can find here), I was fairly sure that my pet would be okay to stay on the boss during Defensive stance. It seems I wasn't the only pet class to think so, yet people still apparently struggle with not DPSing something during a phase.

The adds hit rather hard we found out as well!

So we had a few tries and eventually managed to get him down with four stacks of the determination buff, which wasn't too bad! My guild leader and few others in a separate group managed to get closer to ten stacks!

No loot for me unfortunately (or secrets QQ) but I still thoroughly enjoyed it, which I can't say I've felt about LFR for a long time!

Can't wait to see what part 3 brings!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Small Amount of Success!

It's been a good few days!

Managed to finish levelling my engineering on my warrior (with a lot of help!) and thus get my Master of All achievement :D

I also did some more pet battling and managed to beat the masters of Cataclysm! Pandaria, I'm coming for you \o/

Team Draf managed to raid last night, despite our stand in tank forgetting to log in early as there are queues *cough*nub*cough* and finally managed to down something \o/

I am so proud of my group for sticking with it (with the sad lack of our resident rogue due to, we think, internet issues) and congrats to all on the kill and to those that got loot!

I am now up to 19 Secrets of the Empire \o/ 

My brief foray into the second half of LFR last night proved unsuccessful as I joined a group with 2 stacks of determination on Galakron, and most of the team left, leaving 7 of us queuing at gone 1 in the morning. So I shall re-attempt that later today before Flex I think ^^

I feel immensely proud of my little group of raiders at the moment so it has been an awesome couple of days, and hopefully we can continue to kill bosses in Flex today!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Monday, 23 September 2013

#Wowscreenshotaday 20 - 23

20 - In the morning:

21 - Rule of Thirds: Three separate factions, a third of my time each

22 - Made Me Smile:

23 - From My Childhood:

Totally cheating, but you can tell I was born to be an adventurer!

Busy Busy!

So many things going on in game, so I've been rather busy!

The Drafia have managed to finish the first part of Siege of Orgimmar on Flex difficulty! With two days a week dedicated to Flex raiding, we seem to have a fluid group of between 13 and 20, and boy can you tell the difficulty change with more people in the raid!

I am really enjoying the new raid so far and am following the storyline closely as a massive fan of lore (that's lore as in story not Lore as in the person ^^ tho I'm sure he is important too!) Not entirely sure how the Timeless Isle ties in to this, but my alts are certainly not complaining!

Due to all this though, I am behind on the blog, behind on my daily screenshots and also behind on my alt appreciation!

I also finally remembered to take a kill shot! However, it was after the Sha of Pride died and of course there is no body, but here we are:

The beauty of Flex as well is being able to bring in old friends from old servers to join us! The dead body in the forefront is an old friend of a guildie from SWC! All I need now is a mechanism to bring my old Alliance friends x)

I also stepped up and healed one of our Flex raids on my priest, which wasn't actually as scary as I thought it would be! I even healed as Holy which I haven't done since TBC, and even more shocking - I did not hate it! I actually enjoyed my priest again which I haven't done in the longest time, which I think was connected to my complete lack of knowing how to deal with the atonement mechanic and being really really bad at it.

In other news, the monk has a full set of Mistweaver gear (as mentioned in this post) tho I am yet to brave anywhere to actually heal! I shall get there eventually ^^

The second hunter is almost fully geared except for horrendous luck with weapon drops, she is still using a 450 crossbow. She shall be slogging her way through LFR again soon. The Lock and the Mage are coming along nicely, though again I am yet to find time to take them through LFR, but they are both hovering around the ilvl 500 mark. The druid is just over 500 and is resto/feral so shall have fun sorting her gear out too.

The baby mage (who in #MageWeek was a Panda) is now a goblin! I have decided that I must mog her as per the goblin casters in the Gob Squad scenario! It shall happen (as soon as I remember where I get that colour of gear, I know I have white and red on tailor I think!)

SoO normal raids for the Drafia are slowly taking shape, but we are still seeking more healers, so if anyone knows of any healers on Draenor looking for a new home (or elsewhere!) point them in my direction :)

I have also now got all three of the Zandalari Warbringer mounts thanks to Buv, and he has had a load of materials to help with levelling his third (or fourth, I lost count) engineer. We shall be continuing to get him the other mounts at some point. He has also been teaching me how to play my warrior!

I have an interesting relationship with warriors in that I've not been able to get myself to level one at all. The one I have now is currently level 84, but I had her as a free level 80 from a Scroll of Resurrection. I got to 81 and had not touched her since the beginning of last year (I think).

In the past week she has gone from 81 to 84 (though some of that was from pet battling!) and I am actually enjoying her now that I sort of know what to do! All I need now is for someone to do the same thing with my Rogue ^^

Coming up shortly:
a catch up of daily screenshot
my alt appreciation post

Also, its my 30th birthday today! Who needs to grow up when you're having this much fun? ^^

Edited to add: My good guildie Arideen gets my award for astounding patience - yesterday he did the first part of Siege LFR, and hit a group that were really struggling. However he stayed with them through 8 stacks of the Determination Buff to down the Protectors. (Though he had to leave when shortly after they kept wiping on the trash to the next boss!)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Raid That Nearly Wasn't!

As I mentioned previously, Team Draf (as I have decided we are called) had a bit of a problem with finishing Throne of Thunder as our team sort of imploded.

We had no raid leader, no main healer and offhealer (the raid leader), and a DPS had also gone, causing mass shock and astonishment by the guys they had brought over to the guild with them.

Guild drama aside, this meant we had almost a full team of people who were wanting to raid Normal difficulty (not including myself) and were now at a loss.

Well, we might not have managed to finish Throne of Thunder, but last night we did manage to make it into Siege of Orgrimmar! We didn't manage to kill anything, but we had a good night of practice against Immerseus, and I led my first proper raid (I've half led social raids before but this was a whole new animal!)

We do however seem to have a shortage of healers in guild which makes trying to sort raid lineups interesting! Though we had a lovely Monk join us the day before yesterday, so 2 man healing meant we were probably cutting it a little fine for most of the night (though both healers did an excellent job!)

I had the comedy death for the evening managing to die within about 5 seconds of pull (trying to remember to push the Bloodlust button on my corehound as well as my opening for DPS is hard don't ya know!) and one of our tanks didn't manage to beat the Log in Queue.

However, I wish to thank Team Draf for sticking with it and hopefully we can move forward and make things happen! (albeit maybe a little slower than before, but we'll get there!) Also thanks for putting up with my less than appealing voice on vent as I am suffering with the worst cold of the year so far ^^

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

#Wowscreenshotaday Days 18 and 19


Old bear form!

What is this?: Shaman multiboxer making pretty patterns, couldn't pick just one xD

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#Wowscreenshotaday Day 17

In Front of Me:

Alt Appreciation #Monkweek

I do have a monk! She is even level 90.

Sofinja (name is a cross between Sofia and Ninja, yes, I know, its rubbish xD), is also my tailor on Draenor.

She was originally made as the guild was short a troll monk for the Classy Trolls achieve, so I said I would make one. I did enjoy levelling her up to 90, but I don't really fancy playing her anymore.

She does get dusted off every few days when I remember about my tailoring cooldown, and she has had some very nice gear from the Timeless Isle over the last few days. I don't know why but we don't click as much as we used to.

So even though she is a little bit dusty, I do still appreciate my monk :) 

I might even give healing a go!

Monday, 16 September 2013

#Wowscreenshotaday Days 15 and 16

15 - Season:

Even though its on fire, Nectarbreeze Village makes me think of Spring :)

16 - Frame:

Adventures on a Timeless Isle

I have been quiet the last few days, partly because of visiting family, and partly because I have been busy exploring the new island!

I've done most of the quests, just farming the rep with Emperor Shaohao now, and attempting to get a flight on an Albatross, but Draenor seems to be full of trolls (of the bad kind) who enjoy killing the birds from under people!

Managed to get one so got myself a very shiny chest upgrade, which goes well with my shiny Flex loot on the hunter.

The many alts have been very luck as well due to the vast amount of Timeless gear I've managed to obtain! All of my 90s have a full set of timeless gear now (unless they already had better), and I've even managed to send full sets to a few characters I have between 80 and 90. This has still left me with a load of spares that I'm going to hang on to for now for some of the lower alts:

My DK got very lucky when she took on the new world boss (aka The Celestials):

As per the other world bosses you can kill one a week and get loot (though you can kill all 4 for the achieve, you only get loot once).

My DK managed to walk away with two bits of loot thanks to a lucky coin roll, and they were massive upgrades for her: and Not bad for a charadcter that wasn't even high enough to do Throne of Thunder LFR!

The second hunter also had a nice lot of loot that has brought her almost high enough to enter the new LFR that opens this week, without even once setting foot in any of the LFRs except once to the first part of MSV! All she needs now really is a new weapon (as she's still using a 450 one >.>)

Lots of nice new pets available on the isle as well!

Some mobs also drop pets, but I've not been lucky enough to get one quite yet ^^

All in all, it is a nice little time sink, and an easy way to get loot for alts in what has so far been a rather alt unfriendly expansion :)

Friday, 13 September 2013

A Flex Lootfest!

So The Drafia did a Flex raid last night!

So much fun! We managed to down the first two bosses fairly easily, then spent the last part gradually getting closer to a kill on Norushen (but not quite getting there!)

We didn't quite have everyone with us that expressed an interest as there are still log on queues at peak times on Draenor with it being so close to the patch. Took a few guildies close to an hour to get on again last night.

However, we soon set off with a respectable 15 of us!

As usual, I got caught up in the moment and completely forgot to take screenshots until near the end xD

The hunter got very spoiled with a mix of drop loot and bonus rolls! She got and!

So I have a basic idea of the fight now and can hopefully get our normal group back up and running, after our raid leader and main healer decided they wished to raid elsewhere with a better geared group for 5.4.

We also have another flex run up for the guild on Saturday either for alts or for people who couldn't make last night :)

With regards to the Timeless Isle BoA gear, I have pretty much fully geared all my level 90 alts, and have now started sending gear to the alts between 80 and 90!

In Pet Battle news, finally beat Major Payne! (With the awesome assistance of Mr Buv, who is so much better at the pet battling than me, I just want to collect all the shinies!)

So now, the Cataclysm trainers await! But I have far too much else to do xD

Thursday, 12 September 2013

#Wowscreenshotaday Day 12


A Whole Lot of Farming!

As most of you have no doubt realised, patch 5.4 is here \o/

Yesterday was a day of extreme lagginess for me, playing on a "Full" server, and at times it was frustrating (trying to get a Highwind Albatross to carry you when other people are purposefully shooting at it being one of them!)

I started the day taking some "After" screenshots of the Vale:

Here are some Before shots:

And here are some of the After shots:

Soon after, I started killing stuff on the Isle - the amount of gear I got for alts was surprising! I didn't expect so much of it to drop, and I even managed to get a Burden of Eternity while farming turtles and got my hunter a 535 chest piece!

Not entirely sure what else to do with the hunter out there at the moment though as she is no where near finishing the legendary cloak quest line  so she can't get to Ordos or do much else out there apart from grind coins. So in the meantime, I shall take some of the other alts over there and let them find some chests and get some shiny upgrades of their own!

Also, woop woop I was right about the new Warchief (for those who may be avoiding spoilers I shan't post it here, but if any are interested, take a look at MMO Champion ;))