Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Question of Button Bloat

Following on from yesterday's post about Patch changes and abilities being removed - this can sometimes be a good thing!

Yes really!

Over the year's I have developed a particular way I like to have my abilities accessed, and I learned how to keybind. Boy, did I learn how to keybind!

On one of my hunters, I currently have 46 keybinds (yes, I just went and counted them), and there are a few abilities that could likely do with a keybind that I currently click.

I have my main abilities bound, utility shots such as distracting shot etc bound, hunter's mark, traps, aspects. I even have every button on my pet toolbar bound for ease of use.

Over the years things have been added and taken away from my toolbars as they have fallen in and out of use. This has also necessitated some interesting placement of my toolbars at times:

So when people are talking about button bloat and whether hunters have too many abilities there are two sides of this that we should indeed consider.

Are people saying this because there are too many abilities? Or are people saying this because they want the class dumbed down?

Sometimes I wonder how much simpler a class could get without it being boring. I like playing a hunter, which while easy to play, is not so easy to master.

Now I'm not one of these saying that we definitely need less abilities because its too hard etc. I'm quite happy with my keybinds (especially since learning how to use my Razer Naga ^^).

However, I wish that those who shout loudest would think before lobbying for things to be taken away as we sometimes lose the fun things like Eyes of the Beast. Will be interesting to see what if anything goes next :)

That being said, I've not really had a problem with my "rotation" as it were lately, I've managed to fit everything in nicely. Just don't ask me to add anything else!

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