Friday, 2 August 2013

The Blog Where I Have No Idea What to Write About

Not much gone on in game the last few days, we had another fun run to ICC, and I managed to reach exalted with the August Celestials!

I am also immensely jealous of my guild member Jhatz's transmog - you can see in this screenshot, they are the Pandaren farmer look-a-like! It is almost enough to make me roll a male Panda - and I don't have any male characters ^^

Finally hitting exalted with the August Celestials was nice, but means I need to make even more gold now to be able to afford the mount (seriously 7000g is a little ridiculous!) and I still haven't been able to buy the Klaxxi one (also 7000g T_T)

My relationship with gold in this game has been a funny thing. I always have just enough to do things I want to do and not worry about running out - a few times back in Wrath I did reach the unfortunate point of having to sell offspec gear to be able to afford repairs, but I've gotten better at making gold since then!

My gold used to be spent on all of my alts, getting them geared up and flying etc. and while there has been some of that going on so far this expansion, the gold each character has made on its levelling journey has generally been enough to pay for its own flying.

I have most professions maxed out and while for most people these are gold earners, I levelled my professions for fun, and have rarely used them to actually make gold back! (This is my downfall, I'm aware, as this is where most of my gold making should easily be accomplished).

I've toyed with playing the Auction House, and had Trade Skill Master installed for a while, but it didn't feel fun so I uninstalled it again.

Nowadays, most of the gold I get is either from the day to day activities my characters do (world bosses - because you know i'm getting gold bags and not loot, heroics, the occasional LFR), or from vendored gear drops/grey items.

Its enough to keep me ticking over until I encounter something like a mount I can buy at the end of a rep grind!

Somehow I shall make the 14,000g I need for the Klaxx iand August Celestial mounts, then maybe I can look into actually getting the other mounts I don't have, such as the JC mounts and continue with my Archaeology to try and find the elusive Vial of the Sands recipe on one of my alchemists!

Also, I have decided that the people on Draenor like Mammoths a little too much ^^


  1. Oh my lord, lookie at all those mammoths!

  2. Yeah, Draenor seems to have a thing for Mammoth circles and lines

  3. OMG! You never see that many people on my server let alone on mammoths! I like it!