Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Best Laid Plans

I logged on today intending to actually do LFR on my hunter and hopefully get the alts moving through their respective LFRs as well.

Instead, I got waylaid with world bosses, Twitter and guild stuff.

Firstly I managed to miss Nalak twice from flight time and apparently being too far on the other side of the Isle of Thunder. While waiting a third time I did some dailies and got some Incantations done now that they've stopped being buggy.

These were surprisingly easy to solo on my hunter! Maybe with some more upgrades I can tackle the summonable bosses or more likely come back next expansion and do them :>)

While waiting for Oondasta to spawn I managed to get enough Giant Dinosaur Bones for my Spectral Porcupette! Can't decide yet whether I want to farm again for the mount or not.

I've also started organising a Pet Battle Tournament for my guild :D Hopefully ir should be a lot of fun. Has anyone else done anything like this or have any tips? :)

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