Thursday, 15 August 2013

THAT Trailer!

By now you know what trailer I'm on about! If not, here it is:

So much excitement from one little video!

I was so excited while watching it - I tend to not read all the patch notes when there's a big patch coming up as I like to have plenty of surprises coming - and even though I've been trying to keep more up to date this time, I was still happy to see that trailer!

I'm more determined than ever to help take Garrosh down, plus I felt sorry for Taran Zhu, so much emotion from that video.

In other news, I have transferred my other hunter that I raided during DS with from alliance SWC to Draenor, and am ashamed at how neglected she is.

Seems I didn't even gear her up enough for Mogu'shan Vaults, so today is all about showing her some TLC, and trying to get her some shinies. However, I feel so underpowered as a result of usually being on my fairly-well-geared-considering-she-doesn't-raid hunter!

It is also a rather drastic change of perspective going from a rather tall Draenei to a Goblin ^^


  1. The trailer is so amazing! I am 100% like you in not reading every patch note to leave some treats and surprises, but the trailer had to be watched. Totally amazing work on that from Blizz. Hope Taran Zhu survives :<

    1. Indeed! Me and a few guildies were scouting sound files to see if he crops up later on or not :D