Sunday, 25 August 2013

That Time Again!

So the Warlock is now 90, and already geared enough to get into Mogu'shan Vaults thanks to a few lucky drops from Oondasta and 458 PvP gear from my tailor! She is my ninth character to reach level 90 :)

This was largely achieved from a determination to beat a friend who I had been levelling with to 90, which was hard enough as he was playing a Pandaren Monk with the XP daily quest! This is why I've been a bit quiet on the blog front ^^

Also as the patch draws nearer, I'm trying to help my guild get ready for what 5.4 brings and looking into ramping up recruitment, same old same old, tho we are on the look out for any small guilds who have been struggling with recruitment to merge with us, fresh blood etc etc.

I've also continued pet battling wtih a fair bit of my 85 - 90 XP on the lock being from that! My level 25s are growing in number nicely though I still haven't managed to beat Major Payne! Need to focus on levelling an elemental next I think.

Keeping it short for today, but am back in the saddle as they say!

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