Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tell All The Things!

We interrupt our usual blog waffle to post excitedly about the latest data mine: HEIRLOOM RAID WEAPONS!

Yes, these have me very excited (as a collector of all things heirloom for my army of alts) and reinforces my desire to actually raid Siege of Orgrimmar!

Look at all the shinies!

I don't even care what they will look like.

However, this does mean I need to get into gear and get more of my characters raid ready so I can have chances to get all the weapons in as short a time as possible!

And yes I'm aware that PTR is not final but surely Blizz will not take away the happy? :D

so in order to keep this game focused, here have a picture of me on a 3 minute Sandbox Tiger from Dark Moon Faire :D

Edited to add:

Woohoo for the Mage! :D