Sunday, 18 August 2013

Screenshots Galore

You may have noticed that I like taking screenshots.

I've even managed to save quite a few older ones from when I started playing. I know for a fact there are about a year's worth of screenshots I lost moving from my laptop to my desktop PC about four years ago, which makes me a little sad.

As nice as my memories are of some of the things I have done in game, I do like to have a visual prompt to emphasise said memory.

Some of these screenshots are of my characters before having race/faction/name changes:

This one is the hunter I recently transferred to Draenor, as she originally started. I had made her for the Classy Humans achievement in the guild achieves. Yes, that is indeed Sambas I had tamed earlier that day!

I also found a shot of Aurorasofia with Loque'Nahak:

And Deth'tilac:

And Madexx:

And Kirix:

I also found out that taking too many Potion of Illusion created an interesting graphical but on my then human Paladin:

I even have kept screenshots from characters I don't even have anymore:

Floaty Gnome

I have killshots from Heroic Hagara:

Yet apparently didn't keep the shots from the other Heroic bosses we downed in Dragon Soul, though I do have this shot from preparing for Warmaster Blackhorn:

I think we definitely needed more guild chests!

I have one screenshot from our Elegon kill:

I have screenshots of random events in game that I still don't know why its there:

Screenshots that were just begging to be taken:

Old transmogs:

And occasionally I like to just sit and take a picture of the view:

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