Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pet-Hunting We Shall Go!

So it finally happened. I made a character somewhere specifically to look for pets (and I'm not even ashamed!)

At this stage, I'm more interested in ticking the pet off the list than it's quality (though obviously Uncommon and Rare are a nice bonus!)

First pet off the list that I had been looking for quite a while - an Irradiated Cockroach!

So after making a gnome and killing all the critters, still no tameable pet, so I tried another server, and finally found one!

Thank you Terrodar!

Then I started a dwarf, a night elf and a Draenei to get the Big City Brawler achievement:

I'm really enjoying the amount of new achievements that the Pet Battles have given me! All I need now for Eastern Kingdoms Safari is a Baby Ape, and have an alt logged out on Jaguero Island waiting for rain!

Lastly I decided to make a sweep of Felwood on a character I had on Khadgar already, just to see if Minfernal was up - he wasn't last night so I made a new DK on Sporeggar after some research into server populations.

When I got up this morning I made the rounds of characters, logged on to Khadgar and there was a Minfernal!

Poor quality, but that can be fixed easy enough :D, then about five minutes later I found another one for a friend!

I figured I may as well finish levelling the other DK and get her out of the starting zone, and took some lovely screenshots of the final battle for the quest The Light of Dawn

And yes, she is called Petzors! May she find me many Pets!


  1. LOL! There is nothing wrong with making a toon for pet finding - especially on a quiet server where pets are easier to get. yay!