Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Normal Service Resuming Slowly!

As the title suggests, I'm slowly getting back in to the swing of things now the Warlock is levelled ^^

I'm remembering that Twitter exists, I'm catching up on blogs (though this Alt week thing confuses me, is it Druid week this week? How do I find where to catch up??), and I've started reading fan faction, of various kinds. I'm starting my own little story elsewhere but it has nothing to do with WoW and will likely end up being mature content so we shall see, exciting times!

More patch notes out today showing some lovely little buffs for hunters which give me a nice warm glow inside, even if I'm not entirely sure which of my alts will be vying for the most attention next patch. I'm still leaning towards the Hunter, but will definitely be doing some alt runs on the Lock.

The Drafia have merged a smaller guild in with us as well, so lots of exciting activity and business going on at the moment. We're actually doing our first proper raid tonight in ToT Normal so will be interesting to see how people mix! It's also my first proper raid since the group I was in before kind of drifted apart so I'm really looking forward to it.

Hopefully some of the Lock's recent loot luck will rub off on the Hunter!

Also, the European Closed Beta for Hearthstone is due soon :D I'm looking forward to the upcoming Twitter frenzy ^^ I've opted in so may even get to have a play around and see what it's like for myself ^^

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